Of all the young cats in the game right now, YBN Cordae is one of the most exciting of the bunch. Between him, Nahmir, and Almighty Jay, he is the most lyrical from his collective. The Maryland artist has been gaining in status with each song he drops, impressing fans of all generations. He's clearly skilled and we're excited to hear what he can come up with when he drops his debut album. For now, we're stuck listening to a few different singles on repeat. Some of his best work has been done over other artist's beats. He's rapped over Eminem and J. Cole tracks in the past and now, he's doing his thing over Kanye West and Lil Pump's single "I Love It."

"I Love It" has made a surprising impact on the world after premiering at the PornHub Awards, quickly becoming a chart success. Cordae is being dubbed as one of the best lyricists of the newer generation of rappers so for him to freestyle over a track where the lyrics are so... uh, mundane... is already shaping up to be a better lyrical exhibition than the original. Cordae comes through with some clever references in his 2-minute display. He may not be on Juice WRLD's hourlong freestyle level but Cordae knows what's up when it comes to the quotables.

It all took place on Tim Westwood's radio show. The host is known for getting the best freestyles out of people and this is no different. Check it out below.