YBN Cordae Releases Two New Videos For "Have Mercy"

Alex Zidel
April 16, 2019 15:24

YBN Cordae wasn't satisfied with one video so he dropped two.

This week, YBN Cordae officially announced the title of his debut project, informing his fanbase that he would be heading out on a headlining tour soon. The first taste of Cordae's takeover has seemingly already arrived because the young Maryland-raised artist has just released a couple of new music videos, which are available now. 

In case one video wasn't enough to hold his fans over, YBN Cordae decided to employ an original marketing technique, filming two different themes for the same song and dropping both versions of "Have Mercy" at the same time. The first path was directed by Cole Bennett and Lyrical Lemonade so you already know what to expect. Vivid colors and abstract imagery flood the visuals of the first version, which has become a staple in Bennett's video direction. 

The second video is much darker, featuring more dim lighting and centering on violent happenings, fires, and more. A more melancholy vibe is present for Path 2 as opposed to the overall cheery energy of the original clip.

Which one do you prefer? Watch the Cole Bennett-directed video above and check out the APlus-directed flick below.

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