A few days ago, the YBN crew went shopping for some new sneakers with Adam22 and No Jumper. As he's previously stated that he doesn't rock much designer apparel, Cordae left room for YBN Nahmir and YBN Almighty Jay to pick out the most extravagant kicks. However, something that Cordae said stuck out to commenters and is now starting to make the rounds. 

The young artist from Maryland is viewed by many as one of the most lyrically skilled rappers to have come out in the last few years. In a game that's currently being dominated by melody, Cordae offers something different to those who crave lyrics and flow. He also may have just earned some major points with the ladies.

When presented with Ian Connor's Revenge X Storm sneakers, Cordae was not feeling them in the least bit, referring to them as "ass," "garbage," and a flurry of other insulting adjectives. The real statement came as he started walking away, saying, "They seem a little rapey." Of course, he's referring to the sexual assault allegations that Ian Connor has faced for years. When checking out a pair of Pharrell NMD's, the artist seemed to like them, bringing back some more shade on Connor, saying, "I like wearing shoes of owners who respect women."

The message got across pretty clearly. Cordae does not mess with anybody facing rape accusations and he has no intentions of supporting those individuals.