Out of all of the members of the YBN crew, it was clear from the jump that YBN Cordae had the potential to do huge things. And he did. His 2019 run included the release of his debut album that led him to his first Grammy nod. Unfortunately, it seems that in the midst of his success, the group that he came into the game with has disbanded. YBN Nahmir announced that YBN is no longer a crew and he's the last one standing among them. "They left this YBN shit in the gutter. Remember that. I’ll turn it up myself. #ybnNAHMIR," he wrote on Twitter before confirming to a fan that it's only him repping YBN. 

It appears that YBN Cordae -- or Cordae, now -- has confirmed this. Though no formal announcement has come, Cordae has quietly dropped the YBN from his name on both social media and streaming services. His Instagram and Twitter pages now read Cordae. However, only on Instagram has his handle officially changed to @Cordae. His Twitter account remains under @YBNCordae. But beyond that, he's officially changed his name to Cordae on TIDAL, Spotify, and Amazon, HHNM reports.

Cordae recently revealed that he's readying to unleash the vault so expect to see some new music from him in the near future.