The Lost Boy from YBN Cordae dropped last week and hip hop fans were delighted with the North Carolina rapper's debut. Cordae has been praised by rap artists spanning from the new generation to the veterans, and many believe that the 21-year-old artist is the next big thing in hip hop.

During Cordae's recent visit to Los Angeles's Power 106 radio station, the rapper was asked by Nick Cannon on "Nick Cannon Mornings" who his top five rappers are. "They don't gotta be the greatest, they're just your order, just five," Cannon said. Cordae began, "You got Jay Z. You got Nas. Then you got Tupac. You got Biggie...that fifth spot. I'll give Big L the edge over Eminem. Just because Big's just personal." Cannon asked why Cordae was so set on the late rapper taking the spot over Marshall Mathers. "I just f*cked with his sh*t," Cordae said of Big L. "His just, cadence and wordplay was just so crazy."

Cannon told Cordae that the fact he would even pay attention to those things means that he's a true student of hip hop "’cause even cats my age and in my generation wasn’t up on L like that." Who's in your top five rappers of all time?