YBN Cordae has a message for all you rappers struggling out the gate. The so called "nerd" of the YBN collective has the articles to prove it, an inhaler for his asthma and an encyclopedic brain. Cordae contends that since he's short on breath (asthma) he deserves a little more recognition for his accomplishments. Not to mention, Cordae has to work extra hard on his pronunciation because of a speech defect. "Speech police" spend their lifetime trying to correct the misconceptions surrounding the "lisp," but that doesn't make it any easier for the subjected person who also aspires to record music.

Cordae followed up his message to struggling rappers by documenting the Young Thug-J. Cole concert at the Staples Center. Cordae outed himself as a J. Cole loyalist right from the onset of his career. His breakout single was in itself a direct response to Cole's "1985" off KOD. Admittedly I first suspected that Cordae was acting in defiance of J. Cole's earnest attempt at unity, but that was before I grew to understand his sardonic humour for its intended purpose. His acerbic wit will always give him the appearance of a pariah within his group, but somehow the YBN teens make it work amidst all their differences.