Naomi Osaka and YBN Cordae have been an item for some time and the "RNP" rapper has previously admitted to meeting the tennis sensation at a Clippers game when they both sat in nosebleed seats and he just had to speak with her. Since their romance began, the couple has exchanged a few social media displays of affection letting everyone know it's real but only now have we gotten photo proof of the two lovebirds. 

In the latest share to Naomi's Instagram feed, we see YBN cuddled up in his boo's neck as they pose outside of the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles. "Very grateful you’re in my life, always learning from you, always inspired by you. Also, always VERY entertained by you lol. Love ya kid ❤️," Naomi captioned the image, prompting a response from YBN: "Love ya more nuggethead ❤️😂"

Before Naimo won the U.S. Open, YBN was pressed by paparazzi on how he helped his gyal prepare the days leading up to the game. "I make sure she in the house early and sleep on time," he joked, adding: "I let her do her thing, you know what I'm saying. Just show love, motivate - she know what she doin'."