Blueface has proven a subject of fascination since he first sauntered into the game. With an off-kilter style, a unique and goose-like voice, and wit as ridiculous as it is boundless, many have taken notice of the young rapper. Given his position as the "next big thing," or at least, this year's variation, Blueface has proven divisive during his short tenure. Yet the game at large seems to have accepted him, including YBN's own Almighty Jay. Jay recently took to Instagram to showcase his chops, turning in an absolutely hilarious Blueface impression.

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

"BOP!" he screams, getting acclimated to the West coast banger. "Ya'll want me to rap like Blueface? BOP!" He proceeds to slide into the signature offbeat flow with a practiced hand. "I ain't paying for no mover just to move a bitch," raps Almighty Jay. "I'm an old school player, I ain't new to this." Eventually, he comes through with the "Dead Locs" rhyme scheme, showcasing how dope the off-kilter, Cali flow actually is. While many hate, remember that E-40 and Suga Free might like to have a word. 

All things considered, the style actually kind of suits Almighty Jay. "Idk How Y’all Haven’t Figured Out That Blueface Was My Long Lost Brother," captions, alongside the clip. You wanna see these two collaborate?