The men who attacked YBN Almighty Jay last week have been arrested on unrelated charges, per TMZ. According to a published report, the group has been identified as the Jack Boyz, a street gang with an open dossier in the NYPD filing system. Zae Numbafive, the individual who was seen brandishing YBN Almighty Jay's stolen chain shortly thereafter, plays a prominent role in the gang. 

Zae Numbafive was among the four Jack Boyz' members arrested in an unrelated Federal sting. Their Federal indictment is far more grave than any punitive measures that could have been handed down to them relating to the YBN incident. According to papers obtained by TMZ, the Jack Boyz' members are facing charges of attempted murder in the aid of racketeering. The charges stem all stem from the shooting of unmarked police officer. Another suspect within the group is still at large.

Sources close to TMZ say the law enforcement officials facilitating the interrogation process asked the Jack Boyz' about the Almighty Jay beatdown, but the suspects didn't confess to any wrongdoing. TMZ can confirm that one of the suspects had past issues with Jay. The YBN rapper told authorities that he's willing to cooperate at this point of the investigation, although he suspects it might be hard to identify any of the attackers given the circumstances.