A few days ago, Amber Rose included a subtle dig at her best friend Blac Chyna in a post debuting her new purple hair. The two have been close for years and Amber pretty much knows everything about Chyna, joking about her choice in men by saying she didn't go to a party because all the men attending were over the age of 19. Of course, Chyna's recent romantic partners have all been teenagers, causing confusion for some as she builds her cougar empire with YBN Almighty Jay in tow. Jay has built his name almost solely from being associated with the former stripper and today, he decided to have a little fun by effectively trolling his girl on the 'gram.

The entertainer got a puppy for Jay to take care of and the couple took a cute selfie with him on Instagram but the caption is where all the real action was. As Blac Chyna kissed him on the head, Jay wrote, "Blac Chyna Got Her Oldest Son A New Puppy Before School Starts Back." Referring to himself as her "oldest son" is a little bit of an incestual move but since we can assume the two aren't actually related, we'll let it slide. 

The two had broken up for a few days earlier in the year but they quickly got back together. The relationship has helped to bring Jay's music career to new heights, boosting him and the YBN crew to become the next rap supergroup of sorts.