YBN Almighty Jay was the recipient of good news late last night/early this morning when the court looking over his felony theft case exonerated him of any wrongdoing. That means Almighty Jay won't be facing any jail time for allegedly stealing $80k worth of cash and jewelry from Skinnyfromthe9, who interestingly enough faced eerily similar charges in 2018, on a somewhat unrelated noted.

To be clear, the DA didn't exactly deem Almighty Jay not guilty, not exactly. With Skinnyfromthe9 opting to not show up in court, officials had little jurisdiction to pursue the case, much less feign any interest in the matter. Court documents officially list "the victim wasn't available" as the basis for the resolution.

On top of that, the DA didn't end up foisting the case to a lower seed, i.e the City Attorney's Office, hence the immediacy of the dismissal. As you'll recall, Almighty Jay was shooting a music video with Skinnyfromthe9 when the drama went down - and although damning footage does exist of YBN Almighty Jay playing the ill-seed, the choice to maintain his innocence after definitive seeking legal counsel, is one paid that paid dividends in the end, given the way things broke down.