Hopefully, this doesn't turn into a mockery, because it took a lot for YBN Almighty Jay to come out and say it. This afternoon revealed a secret he'd been hiding from the World, even his closest friends. Almighty Jay is a father and his beautiful son bears his resemblance. There ain't no mistake in the order. 

Jay made the revelation via his YouTube channel in a video titled: "I'VE BEEN HIDING MY SON FROM THE WORLD!!!" The first 9 minutes of the Vlog account for the explanation he felt he owed the World as a dutiful man if you will. By the 8th minute, he removes the dashboard cam, and films himself entering his home. Before the climactic unveiling, he gets on the phone, asking for an update on his son's condition - all the usual questions from the most unusual suspect. 

The most touching moment occurs later in the video, as Jay attempts an adult conversation with the infant, only to realize he isn't necessarily up to the task himself. "To hell with that," he mutters. Later on, he tries to reason with the child. "Why are you crying?" he asked.. 

No answer.

The boys at YBN are becoming men right before our eyes, case in point.