It's hard to really determine the status of NBA Youngboy and Yaya Mayweather's relationship. They've had their ups and downs, though, in recent times, some thought they called it quits. 

Yaya Mayweather is here to dispel the rumors. Earlier this week, Yaya Mayweather shared a photo of herself rocking some NBA Youngboy slide slippers. Many began to wonder whether they were still together or if she was trying to get back with him but now, she's made it clear that NBA Youngboy is her one and only. "I only talk to Kentrell. I only want Kentrell," she wrote on her IG Story. 

Things have appeared to be slightly rocky between the two ever since Yaya Mayweather allegedly stabbed NBA Youngboy's baby mama at his house. The incident sparked headlines as reports revealed that the daughter of Floyd Mayweather Jr. is looking at 99 years in prison if she's convicted. Though she has been relatively quiet about the incident, days later, there were rumors that NBA Youngboy was spotted with another woman. Yaya later shut down her Instagram page entirely and only returned this week which seems to be all the confirmation we need to know that she and NBA Youngboy are still keeping their relationship afloat.