The relationship between NBA YoungBoy and Iyanna "Yaya" Mayweather has never been an easy one to define, but apparently they're in it for the long haul. YB has always made it clear that he is definitely not a one-woman man, which has lead to plenty of problems including one of his many girlfriends getting attacked this week by a woman who appears to be Yaya. While it's unclear whether YB himself is still playing the field, Yaya seems to believe that the two of them are each other's ride or die regardless. She recently took to Twitter to call out all the negativity surrounding her man, and declared that she and YoungBoy are "locked in for life."

"Y’all don’t know the half, but y’all always going to believe lies," Yaya wrote on Twitter. "Anything to make me or him look bad. We locked in 4L through thick and thin, wrong or right, the good bad and ugly. Who are y’all to judge? #caseclosed." YB himself recently denounced the way he's been recognized by the public thus far, tweeting, "F*cked up how People always make me seem like a bad person I’m just me."

While his romantic history and legal troubles have certainly contributed to this bad reputation, it looks like both NBA YoungBoy and Yaya are committed to tearing down these "false" perceptions.