After taking a break from music to become a television personality who helps people change their cars, Xzibit recently played a hero who helped change America.  X starred in the National Geographic movie “SEAL Team Six” which was one of the most successful programs in the channel’s history.   Furthering his brand’s reach, he will be launching a line of tequila as well.

“SEAL Team Six: The Raid o Osama bin Laden” drew an average of 2.7 million viewers during its November 5th premiere.  Talking about preparing for a role as a special forces SEAL Team Six member, Xzibit told AllHipHop, “I definitely took it serious.  These men and women come here every day and they put in long hours so it behooves me to go sharpen my craft. 

He also recently announced that he will be launching his own line of liquor.  It will be a high-end brand of tequila called Bonita Tequila that will hit shelves this coming January.  All of this comes after he dropped his first album in six years, with his comeback to hip hop album, Napalm.