Yesterday, Tory Lanez decided to put Royce Da 5'9" on blast after the Detroit rapper openly sided with Joyner Lucas. Dubbing Royce "Mr. Muscle Milk" and "Rolls 57" for his troubles, Tory then proceeded to sign off with an impassioned "SUCK MY DICK." Unfortunately, Royce has long been regarded as one of the game's best lyricists; even those who don't listen to his music can speak to the man's reputation. Yet Rock City, Build & Destroy, Death Is Certain, The Bar Exam Series, Layers, Book Of Ryan, and more have helped solidify Nickel as one of the game's most formidable competitors. Clearly, Tory has been lacking on his hip-hop history.

It didn't take long for many in the game to weigh in on the budding feud, including a fellow veteran emcee, Xzibit. No stranger to lyricism, X took a moment to endorse Royce Da 5'9", predicting that Tory was about to be met with a first round KO. "@Royceda59 they know not what they do brother," writes X. "#1stRoundKO."

Now, Tory is a formidable competitor on the mic to be sure, but his flagrant dismissal of Royce's prowess speaks to a man who might bring a knife to a gunfight. Of course, Joyner Lucas likely underestimated the Canadian rapper, and many feel he paid the price. Granted, Royce does not count himself among them. Either way, it's cool to see that Xzibit has officially weighed in, and we can only hope to hear some actual music emerge in the coming days. Who are you backing?