While Xzibit has mainly been advancing his reality TV and acting career in the past few years, he did release Napalm last year and popped up on a Hit-Boy song quite recently. Today, X to the Z's name has popped up yet again, though this time it's not due to more musical output, but a confrontation with a flight attendant this morning.

X allegedly attempted to use the bathroom while the plane's crew had instructed passengers to remain seated. The rapper's refusal to follow the rules resulted in an attendant calling the police, who were present at L.A.X. Airport on the flight's arrival. Xzibit claims that the cops only wanted autographs when they approached him, and no arrests were made.

No word on whether the "Pimp My Ride" host was attempting to install a fish tank in the plane while out of his seat.

View the  rapper's tweets in which he bashes the airline below.