The game continues to mourn the loss of XXXTentacion, including prominent rappers like The Game and Jay-Z; the latter even made reference to X's death on Drake's Scorpion, destined to be one of the year's biggest drops. While his legacy was brought to a premature end, there's little doubt that he will be remembered, even though his time in the game was all too brief. Strangely enough, it's almost as if the young rapper was expecting an ominous fate to befall him, leading him to drafting a will before most young men can legally drink.

Now, TMZ has revealed that X's will has dictated that all of his property is to be left in trust, with his mother as a trustee. Apparently, she filled documents naming herself and X's two brothers as beneficiaries. Interestingly enough, there are no mentions to X's unborn child, who was previously announced by his mother.

Granted, it's entirely possible that the young rapper did not know about the pregnancy at the time of drafting his will. Either way, it's for his family to sort out. To be honest, the mere fact that X drafted a will at the age of twenty seems increasingly ominous by the day, especially given his penchant for foreshadowing his own death. It's no wonder some, including Dame Dash, have already begun comparing X to the late, great 2Pac Shakur. 

Rest in peace Triple X.