The day following XXXTentacion's tragic murder last year, his family revealed that he had left behind one final gift: an unborn son. Months later, the late rapper's ex-partner gave birth to Gekyume Onfroy, a beautiful baby boy who was given that name after XXX previously picked it out. It's been a while since we've seen any recent photos of the child but, as he grows older, he's starting to look even more like his father. Posting a picture of Yume in his toy BMW (which eerily resembles the car Jahseh drove), X's mom Cleopatra Bernard wrote a message to her grandson, sending him love and letting us all swoon over him.

Wearing his Christmas attire, Gekyume looks adorable in his little whip, stunting just like his dad would have. Some of X's close friends and collaborators are already pointing out how ridiculously similar the two look. They appear to share some central facial features with Gekyume adopting X's eyes and his nose. Yung Bans, one of Jah's friends, remarked how crazy it is that they look nearly identical, writing: "Look just like his daddy."

Earlier today, Cleo shared a photo of XXXTentacion and revealed that the only thing she wants for Christmas is her son to come back to life. She organized a toy drive in his name, also visiting his memorial site to celebrate the holidays with him in spirit.