After a lengthy chase, police finally apprehended all four suspects in XXXTENTACION's murder. The rapper was shot and killed outside of a high-end motorcycle shop in Deerfield Beach, FL. While police are still trying to investigate his death, X's sister, Ariana Onfroy, believes that her brother was set up.

In a recent interview with The Sun, Ariana Onfroy opened up about the death of her brother XXXTENTACION. She said that she believes he was set up by someone in his inner circle because of how the killers knew exactly where he was going to be at that time.

"I definitely believe it was an inside job, because of how calculated the whole thing was," she said. "Those killers knew he was going to be there. There's somebody in the inside that knew exactly where he was going to be at that exact time and when he was going to be leaving that exact time."

She added, "At that time in his life, he was trying to change. I don't remember him being in a controversy with anyone. It was for financial gain. I don't know what other reason it possibly could have been."

Ariana also said that she was threatened to be arrested last time she visited his gravesite at the Boca Raton cemetery which is open to the public.

"I can no longer visit his gravesite due to them trying to do anything to break me down to keep me fearful of them,” she said. "I don't know what their tactic is or what the reason behind it is for but it's just not right. It's evil, it's -- what did I do to you?"