It was expected to be a busy day in Sunrise, Florida because of XXXTentacion's public memorial. However, an expected 19,000 people waiting in long lines for their last chance to see X has to be an overwhelming turnout. While it is absolutely nothing to celebrate given the circumstances, the number of people who were in Sunrise to pay their respects to XXX and his family only help to prove the man's reach through his music. Speaking to the depressed and broken souls, the late rapper was admired by many, which is precisely the reason people were lining up as early as 7 AM for his open-casket memorial.

Many attendees took to Twitter as they waited outside in extraordinarily long lines to tribute XXXTentacion. Sara Marino, a reporter for TCPalm, wrote that approximately 19K people were expected to attend the memorial throughout the day. Opening the event to fans at noon, the memorial is set to last until 6 PM today. Once inside the BB&T Center, supporters were treated to a heartfelt video during the first hour, tributing X for the positive changes he has made through his art. Many rappers had promised to attend the memorial to honor the 20-year-old's legacy, with Lil Uzi Vert being confirmed as one of them. While waiting, fans spoke about what X meant to them and sang his songs aloud.

If you're not already in line, you've unfortunately likely missed your chance at seeing X for the final time. Check out some posts from outside the arena below.