Back in June of 2018, XXXTentacion was tragically shot and killed during a robbery inside of his car. Fans of the artist were shocked and saddened by the news as for many, he was a source of inspiration. At only 20 years old, his career was just getting started and it appeared as though he was attempting to turn his life around after the alleged transgressions that had haunted him when he first got started in the industry. Since his passing, his mother and girlfriend at the time announced that X would be having a son.

This past weekend on Saturday, X's son was finally born and given the name Gekyume, a word that X had invented himself. We haven't seen any pictures of the baby's face as of yet, however, his mother Cleo did post a picture of his feet to Instagram.

Unfortunately, the internet immediately did its thing, with people making fun of the baby's feet and saying that it looked like "Benjamin Button." One commenter came straight to the baby's defense though saying "y’all think y’all funny because you’re literally making fun of a NEW BORN baby? lmfao how sad and pathetic. don’t be acting shocked when a baby of your own comes out with something worst."

While the internet's roasting of a newborn child is unfortunate, we wish baby Gekyume the best health possible.