It took over a month for the authorities to capture all of the suspects in XXXTENTACION's murder case. Last week, the police finally captured the fourth and final suspect, Trayvon Newsome. All four suspects in the case have maintained their innocence and plead not guilty to any of the crimes they've been charged with. However, the first suspect that was apprehended, Dedrick Williams, has reportedly filed documents to hire his own private investigator to prove whether there's actual evidence against him in XXXTENTACION's murder case.

According to The Blast, Williams requested that the court grant him a private investigator to see if the evidence investigators actually have proof that he committed a crime. However, he also needs to court to give him permission to authorize funds for the investigation that he doesn't have in order to cover the costs. His attorney found a private investigator who could work the case but it's up to the court to authorize $10K for the investigation. Additionally, he wants the court's permission to get an expert on cell phone tower analysis and cell phone forensics. Williams believes the evidence from this investigation is necessary in order for him to receive a fair trial.

At this point, the judge has yet to make a ruling on Dedrick Williams' request but we'll keep you posted on any more updates in the trial.