Police are inching closer towards finding the culprits behind XXXTENTACION's murder. On Monday, the rapper was shot and killed in his car while leaving a motorcycle dealership. Shortly after, the internet began suspecting that two South Florida rappers were behind the shooting, although they denied it. Last night, police arrested Dedrick D. Williams in connection to X's murder. He made his first court appearance earlier today where he heard the charges he was facing.

Dedrick W. Williams went in front of the judge at Broward County Courthouse earlier today where he heard the charges he's facing in connection to XXXTENTACION's murder. Williams is facing charges of one count of first degree murder. He's being held without bond due to probably cause. In addition to the charges in X's case, he's also due back in court on Monday for a probation violation from a 2014 case. He also faces charges for operating a vehicle without a valid drivers license.

After his arrest on Wednesday night, it was revealed that Williams was previously arrested for cocaine possession, domestic violence, aggravated assault with a firearm, weapons possession and grand theft auto.

While Williams is currently in custody, the police are still looking for two more suspects. The judge has already signed two other arrest warrants but there's yet to be any news as to whether they're in police custody.