It's been over three weeks from XXXTENTACION and it's still hard to believe that he's gone. Since his death, his mother has been keeping in contact with his fans and holding memorial services in order for them to pay their final respect. X touched a lot of souls, whether peers or fans, from his music and his thoughts. Shortly after his death, his mother held an open-casket memorial service so fans could say their final goodbyes. His actual funeral service was held privately. However, X's mother revealed that she filled his crypt with a ton of fan-made tributes.

X's mother shared a video of inside of the rapper's tomb this weekend and revealed that it's filled with a lot of items from fans including drawings, memorabilia, paintings and more. 

"Brought him some stuff from you guys," she captioned the post.

At the top of the month, X's mother invited fans to send things to X after receiving numerous requests from his fans. Presumably, a lot of the memorabilia inside of his crypt is from those who sent items to her. 

Since X's death, the police have arrested and charged one person in connection to his death while they continue searching for the second person of interest. Dedrick D. Williams was charged with first-degree murder. He's pleaded not guilty to the charge.