Cleopatra Bernard is suing her son's half-sister Ariana Onfroy for defamation, libel, and slander. Mrs. Cleo is seeking a lump sum of $15,000 for damages pertaining to Ariana's defamatory speech in the wake of her half-brother's death - having previously claimed (in the public sphere) that Cleo Bernard was partially responsible for her son's death/murder scheme. The court appeal reads as follows:

"It is with such sadness and remorse that the tragic end of (Bernard’s) son’s life had to be muddied with the disgraceful and hatred [sic] words of his sister towards his own mother,” Bernard’s lawyers Aaron Behar wrote in the complaint. “Given [Onfroy’s] horrific and emotionally disturbing accusations made purely out of spite, Plaintiff cannot simply ignore the damage the comments have caused not only to her reputation, but also to her financial and business endeavors as well." - Cleo's attorney.

The allegation that Cleo Bernard organizes her son's death arouses suspicion on so many levels, especially since it insinuates that XXXTentacion was a premeditative murder and not a robbery-gone-wrong. The court documents don't give any further insight into Ariana's relationship with the family or XXXTentacion's estate. It is entirely possible that Ariana has taken part in family functions during and after the funeral proceedings.