More drama has broken out within XXXTentacion's family. Ever since his tragedy two years ago, the rapper's estate, run by his mother Cleopatra Bernard, has been under intense questioning from fans for how his musical releases have been handled. Other members of the late rapper's family, including his half-brother Corey Pack, are also unhappy with Cleo's handling of XXX's estate -- specifically, his trust.

As reported by TMZ, XXXTentacion's half-brother Corey Pack is suing Cleopatra Bernard for $11 million, accusing her of stealing millions of dollars that were set aside for him.

Jodi Kavney, Corey's mother, is suing Cleo on his behalf, claiming that a trust of over $50 million was left behind to be split several ways. 50% would go to Cleo, 25% would go to X's brother Aiden Kerr, and the remaining 25% would go to Corey. 

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

In the lawsuit, Jodi claims that Cleo cut a deal with Jenesis Sanchez, X's baby mama, which effectively cut Corey out of his portion of the estate. However, she says that some of the money was actually sent to herself "improperly and surreptitiously."

Jodi is suing for $11 million and, if she can prove that this was intentional on the part of XXX's mother, she will attempt to triple that amount. In addition, she says that Corey is entitled to an ownership stake in his half-brother's record label, Bad Vibe Entities.

Cleopatra Bernard and the XXXTentacion estate have not commented on the suit.