Those who have followed XXXTentacion's career are no doubt familiar with his ex-girlfriend Geneva. Sadly, their relationship appeared to be fraught with complications, which ultimately led to Geneva accusing X of domestic abuse. Despite the nature of their past, Geneva has clearly been affected by the rapper's murder; she even took the time to attend his vigil, despite being met with animosity from X's die-hard "fans." 

Now, it would appear that Geneva has taken the next step in immortalizing XXXTentacion's memory, getting a tattoo of a handwritten message, which reads "you are not alone, sincerely X." Unfortunately for Geneva, her latest body-art has not been met with unanimous praise.

 Ski Mask The Slump God slid into the comments section to voice his thoughts in a simple, yet effective manner. "She doing to much," he wrote, prompting the comment to be echoed by a variety of vocal users. Given the tumultuous history between Geneva and the late Triple X, it's interesting to see what a close friend like Ski Mask thinks on the subject. Clearly, Geneva's tattoo has the Slump God feeling some type of way.