XXXTentacion's Ex-Girlfriend Appears In "HEARTEATER" Video

Alex Zidel
October 25, 2019 11:31

XXXTentacion's posthumous video for "HEARTEATER" is here.

After previewing a short clip from the "HEARTEATER" video, the official clip for XXXTentacion's most recent posthumous single has arrived in its entirety. With a new album on the way from the deceased artist, XXXTentacion's Bad Vibes Forever is right around the corner and this is one of the first tastes we're getting from it. Initially a left-over from his ? sessions, "HEARTEATER" is one of the songs that the late rapper's fans desperately wanted to release on streaming services. It's here and, as expected, it's pretty controversial.

Releasing a voice memo of XXXTentacion detailing his intentions to include his ex-girlfriend Geneva in the visuals, the artist's estate followed through on his wishes and reached out to the woman to star. Some fans are upset about her appearance, especially considering the accusations she has made against him. However, this is exactly what Jah wanted. "I feel like tying her into it makes the video amazing and it almost, like, really captures everyone's minds and gives me the power that I truly deserve," said XXX.

Directed by James "JMP" Pereira, "HEARTEATER" shows a woman devouring a man's internal organs as he lays on the ground. She then eerily walks around with blood covering her entire body.

Watch the new video above and let us know your thoughts.


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