XXXTentacion has been prone to controversy even before "Look At Me" made it going forward. While this morning, he took to the internet to de-bunk that he hung himself for publicity, the action alone says a lot especially without a caption. His popularity rose as he was still in jail and even when he got out, he capitalized on his controversial antics that helped draw more attention on his name.

He came into the game being a walking embodiment of rebellion and teenage angst. Between his most recent tour having a string of shows that made headlines on an almost back to back basis to his beef with Drake that eventually got Migos' Offset and 600Breezy involved, the kid knows how to stir the pot. He almost does it so well that at times it's easy to forget that he's a talented musician. However, with his album 17 about ready to drop tomorrow as well as his most recent Instagram post, we've decided to concoct a list of XXXTentacion's five most controversial moments. 

5. His beef with Drake

His beef with Drake was the beginning of many things but it definitely helped his career more so than hurt it at the time. While Drake was in the middle of his UK tour, he previewed a track featuring UK rapper, Giggs which was later revealed to be "KMT." When the song first came out, everyone was pretty hyped but it did sound like the flow on it had similarities to "Look At Me." Before the song or XXXTentacion were released, X had already made a statement saying that he wasn't sure if Drake did or did not steal his flow (this was while he was in prison). After that, he continued to attack Drake on Twitter and Instagram before both Migos' Offset and 600Breezy intervened. While there was brief back-and-forths between X and 600Breezy & Offset, nothing really ever really occurred. Both Drake and X seemed to have moved forward since. 

4. Punching fan in the face

After getting knocked out cold at one of his shows, XXXTentacion had to later throw hands on a fan that invaded his personal space. During a tour stop on his Revenge tour, XXXTentacion told his fans that he'd be jumping into the crowd and if anyone tried to touch him, he will punch them. And that's exactly what happened. As he later explained, a fan went up to him and put his hand on his chest which led to XXXTentacion punching the guy in the face. While it's not the best way to handle a situation, X later apologized to dude and invited him on stage.

3. Rob Stone beef

The XXXTentacion/Rob Stone beef isn't something that stemmed between the two rappers initially but actually stemmed from a beef between Rob Stone and XXXTentacion's frequent collaborator, Ski Mask the Slump God. While there's a whole backstory between Rob Stone and Ski Mask, X essentially jumped into the beef in defense of Ski Mask. X took to Twitter to later put Stone on warning for his actions which later was rumored to have led X to getting knocked out during his show. That same night, someone got stabbed at the same show and it was briefly rumored to be Rob $tone's people, which he later denied.

2. His arrest & legal issues

One of the biggest controversial points about XXXTentacion is his legal troubles. As stated previously, his name blew up while he was imprisoned. While a rapper being in jail isn't really anything out of the ordinary, the charges that were against him were disturbing. As his name blew up, his legal record began to surface. While he has denied doing any of the alleged acts, the charges he was facing were for false imprisonment, witness tampering and aggravated assault of a pregnant woman. He later posted bail and was released from prison. 

1. Hanging a prop dummy of himself on Instagram

As you could see by this list, XXXTentacion has had some fairly controversial moments in his career. While his arrest and his beef with other artist play big factors in his controversies, the most controversial moment that X has had so far was definitely last night when he posted a video of what seemed to be him hanging himself. It later turned out to be a prop, as he revealed in his next Instagram post. While it took four hours for him to confirm that the clip he posted was from an upcoming music video, there was some pretty heavy backlash that he received before he cleared that up.