Trayvon Newsome, the 4th suspect in XXXTentacion's murder case has plead not guilty, according to documents obtained by Complex. The "not guilty plea" is a standard affirmation of innocence filed within hours of turning yourself in, as did Newsome with a lawyer by his side. The young adult was facing two charges of murder in the first degree and robbery with a deadly weapon. His formal defense means all four accused of XXXTentacion's death have affirmed their innocence, including Michael Boatwright who will undergo a mental examination before proceeding to trial.

If Boatwright is deemed fir to stand trial, he will charged as one of two armed men in the fatal assault and robbery. Otherwise he will be involuntarily sent to a medical facility where he would receive prescribed treatment. As of this writing, it is unclear as to why the judge ordered the examination procedure, based on video evidence alone.

Trayvon Newsome's attorney has not responded to any inquests over his client's decision or whereabouts. It's entirely possible, Newsome deemed it necessary to evade capture until he had the right legal representation. Without a lawyer, Newsome could have been at fault for negating his co-conspirators with a potential plea bargain.