Another day, another call-out from XXXTENTACION. In a new video, X lays into Drake's originality, rapping ability, and vocal chops. He even proposes a wager of sorts. "If [Drake] can do a whole fuckin' album, or even 2-3 fuckin' songs, originally, that does not sound like anyone elses cadence or does not have a fucking sample, and just sounds like him originally, he'll get my kudos," says X, before raising the stakes. "I'll run around the street butt-ass naked, I'll tattoo Drake name on my ass cheek if he can be original for 2 seconds or outrap me!" 

Drake has yet to respond, but perhaps the threat of public nudity and ass tattoos will be the catalyst. For now, X seems content to continue the verbal assault. Still, it's interesting to note that for all this talk about rapping ability, this beef has been particularly short on any actual music.