In another twist of events for XXXTentacion, the South Florida-reared rapper has made another revelation, telling fans that he will, in fact, make a return to music, but under one very specific condition. According to X the only way to get him to backpedal on the claims he’s made in the past few days is to get Ski Mask The Slump God to be his friend again.

“Announcement: if you want me to make music, tell Ski Mask to be my friend again,” he is heard saying in a video that has since been deleted from his own account. “Tell Ski Mask to be my friend again and I will make music. Tell him to be my friend again.” He also went on to upload a post telling fans to download all of his music on SoundCloud because he will soon be deleting the entire catalog.



This news only adds onto a slew of weird occurrences in the case of XXXTentacion as the young rapper recently announced that he was terminating $6 million deal with Capitol Records through the label’s independent distributor Caroline that he had signed no more than two weeks ago. Soon after, a representative of his came forward and asserted that no such deal was terminated, and that X is still very much signed. Nevertheless, the Members Only de facto front man went on to say he was quitting music entirely.

“Sad to announce I will not be making or releasing any music, I am tired of being mentally abused for trying to help people, I'm tired of the hate, I'm done," he wrote.

The possibility arises that this recent stunt could be yet another publicity ploy. If not, our hope is that X can find whatever it is that he seems to be searching for. Until anything of the sort is confirmed, fans of XXXTentacion’s have a job to do if they have any hope of ever hearing from the young artist again.