When you're on top of the game, you become a bigger target. While Migos once seemed untouchable, it seems like a whole gang of up-and-comers are suddenly emboldened, taking shots at Offset. To be fair, some might say Offset set it off with his upside-down cross tirade. First, SahBabii dropped some threatening messages, and even Lil Uzi Vert teased Offset by dangling an upside-down cross on Instagram. 

Clearly, Offset's comment ruffled some feathers, and it wouldn't be a beef without everybody's favorite antagonist XXXTENTACION. Akademiks shared a video, presumably from Snapchat, in which the divisive Flordian verbally goes in on Offset:

"Tell that pussy nigga Offset to get off a nigga dick, man," says X. "Nigga's like 35 tryin' to catch the wave. Nigga your career is over, shut that pussy shit down, you on the dick. Quavo the best rapper in Migos, the rest of you niggas irrelevant. Fuck Offset. Pansy-ass, ballerina ass nigga."