19-year-old Florida rapper XXXTENTACION has the internet clamoring with conversations about him. Whether it's talk of his raw and uncut music or the recent theories that accuse Drake of biting his flow, almost everyone is talking about XXXTENTACION even though he is currently behind bars awaiting trial on several felony charges.

In light of his recent viral rise to stardom, Genuis.com conducted a phone interview with the rapper to talk about a slew of topics including his upcoming music, goals for his budding career and other artists he would like to collaborate with. You can read a portion of the conversation below in addition to viewing the video of the phone interview as well. And if you haven't yet, check out our full-length feature giving you every detail you need to know about XXXTENTACION here.

XXXTENTACION on his goals for 2017: 
They’re already saying I'm the most controversial artist of 2017 but nobody’s seen the half of it. I finally have everything in my fucking hands so now you’re gonna see who’s the greatest artist of the century. I’m not talking about best artist in my city, or in my country—I’m going for best artist in the world.

XXXTENTACION on his musical aspirations: 
As of right now I want to work with the Fray, Kings of Leon, and probably Lorde. I do multi-genre, I don’t just rap.
I like to consider myself an artist. I do alternative rock, melancholy indie, all the way down to an old school lyrical boom bap rap, like Kendrick Lamar or Joey Badass, all the way down to a New Age rap like Young Thug, Lil Uzi, and all of them boys. I try to switch up my style as much as possible, because that’s what’s really made me.