Just when you thought you'd seen the last of the infamous "mask picture," XXXTentacion is back with a vengeance. While the rapper was recently incarcerated after some of his fans turned his court proceedings into a madhouse, X was eventually allowed to head back home, albeit under strict house arrest conditions. Prior to his court date, X was seemingly feeling more inspired than ever, promising that he'd be releasing three albums in 2018. Now, it would appear he's holding true to his word, legal setbacks be damned. X recently took to Instagram to unveil the title of two out of three projects, which include Skins and Bad Vibes Forever. 

As for the third, X has decided to keep it mysterious, at least for the time being. However, knowing him, there's a chance he might actually be calling the album ?. Either way, this news should excite his loyal fans, whom he addressed earlier this morning with some positive words. "Do not live your life trying to impress someone else," he said. "Do not live your life trying to be someone you're not."

As for X's album release schedule, it's hard to say when we'll be getting his promised trifecta. Either way, if you thought X was planning on sulking off quietly, it would appear that you're mistaken. Here's hoping that this increased musical output will lead to an increase in pictures in our repository. God knows we've all seen enough of that tragicomedy mask.