XXXTENTACION's "Look At Me" video has been getting a lot of attention since it's release, for better or for worse. While many applauded him for trying to spread a positive message through his art, many others don't seem to get it. The video has been receiving quite the amount of backlash from various people. Last night, Alex Jones' InfoWars show did a segment on the video, referring to it as "glorifying murder pornography involving children" as well as saying that the video is in support of Black Lives Matter. However, XXXTENTACION has now responded to the backlash to try and explain where he was coming from.

In a video that has been posted by DJ Akademiks, XXXTENTACION went on a live stream to explain the thought process behind the video. He says that an alternate ending to the video would've had the black child hung however, that wouldn't have been effective enough to prove his point. He says that he played the devil's advocate in the video to prove that "murder is murder" regardless of what race the child is.

"Point being is I basically played the devil's advocate in the video by being the one to hang the child because no matter how you look at it you can't justify the fact that I murdered a child. That's the whole fucking point. I'm trying to show that murder is murder." He says.

He later continues to address the individuals who have said that the video is in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

He continues, "Again, if you don't see the message, watch the video again. If you think this is in support of Black Lives Matter, it's actually not. It's All Lives Matter."

As the video continues, he calls out the hypocrisy of those who are criticizing the video because of a white child's murder. He later asks where the outrage is when a young bi-racial 8-year-old child was attempted to be hung by white teens in New Hampshire in late August.

This comes after the fact of him releasing a clip of a KKK member leaving death threats on his voicemail because of the video. Maybe the explanation was necessary, considering that most people did not see the same vision that X had behind the video. 

Watch the video below: