This weekend, rumors circulated that XXXTentacion was arrested in Las Vegas for “punching a middle-aged woman in the face.” Outside of a handful of tweets regurgitating the same information, there was no concrete source for the story, but now X has stepped onto social media to defend his honor, revealing that such an incident never took place. It was in a series of now-deleted tweets that XXXTentacion addressed the rumor, going on a now-signature rant of sorts.

“I’m not going to do anything to get myself arrested,” he wrote. “Only time I do anything wrong is if someone fucks with me.” He goes on in another tweet to refer to someone as a “fa**ot ass ni**a.” “We don’t play about jail time where I’m from,” he continues.


It seems that the individual to whom he was referring was actually Ugly God as Ugly God previously tweeted out “Free X’ after the rumor began. According to the “Water” rapper, X took offense to this and blamed him for starting the rumor. “This is what’s going on. X acting like I’m the one who made that rumor, but it was really some random,” he wrote on Instagram. “So he blocked me and went off on me. I fuck with him but tell him stop being so emotional.”

In the same stride, X also went onto Instagram to address the situation a with several messages via video that have since been deleted. “Y’all ni**as don’t make sense at all. Everybody beefing when really ni**as can get money together. Ni**as want to be hoes and shit, y’all ni**as tripping.”

"If you not out here spreading love, you are a bad person,” he concluded on the app. “And I apologize for every single person that don’t spread love. Sometimes, I don’t have a hang of myself, it seems."

The one remnant of this whole altercation is found on Twitter in the form of the one tweet that the South Florida-bred rapper didn’t delete. “Forget everything I said,” he writes as he chalks up his emotions to his “demon speaking.”