The untimely death of XXXTentacion is still being mourned by family, friends, and fans worldwide. The memorial that was held in Los Angeles last night turned into a full out hectic event that saw people jumping off roofs that ultimately invited riot control police to try and manage the never-ending crowd. 

According to new reports by TMZ, X died instantly after he was shot in the neck Monday in South Florida. Sources tell the publication that after two men approached X, the bullet struck him in the neck and he immediately went limp and lost all signs of life and pulse. The audio below hears dispatchers referring to X as "comatose" and calling him a level one trauma patient. The suspects of the shooting took off in a black Dodge Journey. 

As we previously posted, X's lawyer believes his death was the result of a "random robbery" that took place when he left a motorcycle dealership in broad daylight. "I think he went to the bank before it happened,” David Bogenschutz said. “I think the determination was that he wanted to buy a motorcycle. But [detectives] aren’t discounting any theory.”

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