Ever since releasing his acclaimed album ? earlier this year, XXXTentacion has been very quiet. Despite new information being released regarding the alleged abuse of his pregnant girlfriend, X has been focusing on the positive forces in his life. Starting up the Helping Hand Foundation, he and his mother are working together to bring happiness to the world, donating to those who need it most. Owner of a number 1 album, X is still experimenting with his sound. Although he has found something that works for his audience, being heavily praised for his musical contributions, the versatile artist is dabbling more into his rock and screamo influences on the track he teased on Instagram.

If you visit his page, you'll see only one post. With Skins already on the way, it's only a matter of time before we receive any further release information from the reclusive rapper. X came through today with a snippet of what we may be able to expect from his next project. Unless you're a fan of his use of screaming, you won't be feeling this one, unfortunately. Much like he previewed "SAD!" and "Moonlight" before their inclusions on ?, XXX has shared a new teaser from out of the blue, yelling into the microphone on his Instagram story. Although this song seems to have clear rock influences, it may not be the direction he is fully taking on his next project.

From your first listen, how is this sounding? Is this a sound you'd like to see X continue in?