Back at Rolling Loud, Lil Uzi Vert channeled his inner parkour champion and dove into the eager arms of the crowd. His death-defying leap seemed to set the bar for other would-be daredevils, popping off a recent trend of high risk stage diving at hip-hop shows. While crowd surfing is far from a new phenomenon, this new generation of up-and-coming rappers seem to be taking it to a whole new level.

Take XXXTENTACION, for example. With his Revenge Tour about a week in, the divisive Florida rapper decided he was not to be outdone. In this video from TMZ, X can be seen hanging from balconies like a would-be Miles Morales, gazing into the eager arms of his loyal followers. Rationality takes a back seat as pure adrenaline seizes the wheel, and for a good thirty seconds X stands above all, soaking in the tension.

And then he leaps, and miraculously emerges unscathed. Say what you will about X fans, but they're loyal as hell. Would you catch a falling man (a shirtless man, no less) as he careens toward you like some deranged meteor?