XXXTentacion's murder happened back in 2018 and many fans are still incredibly distraught about his death. There are now four suspects in custody, including Dedrick Williams who back in 2019, was granted $20,000 by a judge for the hiring of an electronic device expert. In addition to this, he was also given an extra $10,000 for a private investigator. These grants were given so that Williams could get evidence and provide himself with a fair trial, which is required by law.

It appears as though this money wasn't enough as according to All Hip-Hop, Williams is requesting another $10,000 for a private investigator. As his lawyer Mauricio Padilla explains, if he doesn't get the money, he could risk losing the trial.


Jason Koerner/Getty Images

"Defendant requires the assistance of a private investigator to assist in preparing the defense of this matter," Padilla wrote. "Defendants defense in this cause will be irreparably hampered and his right to fair trial and due process of law would be jeopardized if he cannot obtain the services of an investigator to assist him in the preparation of his defense."

Williams and the other three suspects will be in court on August 21st for a hearing. All four are facing Capital Homicide charges and if convicted, they could face the death penalty.