July 18th will mark the one month anniversary of XXXTENTACION's untimely death. Since then, law enforcements been working heavily on finding the culprits behind X's murder. Last week, police arrested a second suspect in XXXTENTACION's murder who they believe was the shooter. Now, the suspect is demanding the prosecutors give his legal team all the evidence they have against him in order to establish his innocence.

Michael Boatwright wants prosecutors to hand over all the evidence they have against him in XXXTENTACION's murder case including a list of the witnesses, TheBlast reports. Boatwright is demanding for these documents in order to establish his innocence and find anything that will close out any possibilities of him being the shooter. In addition, he's also wants to know whether anyone ratted on him as part of a deal of some sort. He's looking for "any and all statements, agreements, offers of discussions had with any of the State’s witnesses or a suggestion of lenience, compensation, assurance not to prosecute, assurance to proceed only on certain causes, or any other offer to benefit accruing to said individual whatsoever in exchange for their cooperation, assistance of testimony in the trial.”

He's also seeking to find out whether there was any electronic surveillance of his home or any of his previous conversations. He wants all documents turned over pertaining to any wiretaps, if they occurred, and cell phone records. 

Boatwright was previously facing drug charges but now, he's also facing a charge for murder. Police believe Boatwright is one of the two armed suspects that killed X.