The police have finally apprehended all four suspects in the XXXTENTACION case. Since the death of the rapper, the police have been working hard to apprehend the men that were indicted in the case. Last week, the police apprehended the fourth and final suspect, Trayvon Newsome. Now that they have all four men in their custody, the prosecutors are demanding to obtain DNA and blood samples of the men.

According to The Blast, the prosecutors on XXXTENTACION's murder case want DNA and blood samples from the four suspects, Dedrick Williams, Robert Allen, Trayvon Newsome and Michael Boatwright. They are seeking to obtain samples of their blood, hair, fingerprints and any other bodily materials. They claim that obtaining these materials “involves no unreasonable intrusion.” Additionally, they want the DNA samples in order to use the results in comparison to the items used for evidence on the case. 

The prosecutors request for DNA samples some shortly after the first suspect arrested, Dedrick Williams, asked the court to grant him a private investigator in order to determine whether the evidence investigators actually have proof against him. However, he also had to ask the court to give him permission to authorize funds in order to hire the private investigator. The investigation costs $10K.