Though he is currently being forced to enjoy (is that the word?) a judge-imposed stint of house arrest, following his release from jail. His time in prison may have been short-lived, but he's still embroiled in legal trouble that has implicated him in multiple felonies related to witness tampering. With all this in mind, it's a wonder that the young rapper is able to focus on making new music but, here he is, trying his hand at acoustic material.

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In a video that he shared with his followers on Instagram, XXX is seen singing over the strums of an acoustic guitar. The instrument, being played by another man, provides a soft landing for his voice, which is changed considerably for the task at hand. He's not bellowing intimidating-sounding bars into a mic and then distorting it beyond belief. This is XXXTentacion at arguably his most vulnerable-sounding from a music standpoint. Check out the full video below.

As one might expect, the reactions from listeners in the comments section were varied to say the least. X is a polarizing figure to be sure, but there seems to be a genuine effort on his part to go in a different direction musically. The entire video takes place in what looks like a bedroom, meaning that XXXTentacion is letting the collaborators come to him while he's under house arrest, rather than it be the other way around and meeting them in a studio someplace.

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Are you down with X's acoustic sound? Or is it just too much of something different? Have your say in the comments.