Controversy has followed XXXTentacion consistently as he rises higher into the spotlight. Eyes have constantly been watching him and critiquing him whether he is incarcerated, beefing with Drake or Migos, or commenting on his tumultuous friendship with Ski Mask the Slump God. The Florida native has recently been attempting to get into the news for the positive changes he is making to his life, vlogging for his fans and showing a more personal side of himself. X continued the uplifting vibes by donating PS4's and musical instruments to foster homes and helping the homeless population. 

The latest addition to his Instagram story maintains X's desire to become a better person and prove to his fans that he can be a positive influence. The simple post includes exclusively text, stating, "I'll be distant for a little while my friends and family, I'm going back to school and enrolling in art school as well, on my way to becoming a better me." 

The post hints that he may not be as active as he usually is on social media or his vlogs. Unless he has several projects stashed or songs that he is sitting on, his music may take a backseat while he continues his studies. Nevertheless, X remains a unique talent in the rap world, providing a range of styles on each project that is original and authentic.