The grief over XXXTentacion's unexpected death hasn't even come close to settling, with artists all over the rap world expressing grief over his passing. However, his fans are still paying homage to their hero as best they can. 

TMZ grabbed the photos, detailing the efforts of his fans to create a memorial in X's honor, located at the very street corner in Deerfield Park where he was murdered yesterday. Candles, flowers, balloons, and stuffed animals are all present on the scene, but most striking is probably the chalk drawings. Surrounding the street corner and on the sidewalk are hundreds of chalk drawings paying tribute to X. Most of them are simple messages mourning X's death, while others include portraits of X, complete with an angelic halo. 

These drawings come as police clean the crime scene of evidence to try and determine who the killers are. Between the chalk drawings, the marks of orange spray paint left by police to signify where the tires of X's car were parked can still be seen. As of now, there have been no arrests and no official leads in finding X's murders, and all that's been released to the public is a description of two men wearing dark hoodies. 

X's team recently released a statement regarding his death, asking to respect the privacy of his fans, family, and loved ones as the police continue their investigation. You can head over here to see the full gallery of photos, or check out some other shots of the memorial down below.