It's no secret that XXXTentacion has struggled with his demons. The rapper has been making waves for the past year, garnering plenty of negative attention for his antics and legal struggles. However, since his recent court appearance, the Floridian has been attempting to make positive changes in his life, so that he can be a better role model to his young followers. In an extensive interview with DJ Akademiks, X appeared frustrated that the media seemed to only cover the negative stories about him, and claimed that his positive actions would go unnoticed.

"Tomorrow, I'm going to go to a foster home, and give a bunch of kids at least--a bunch of clothes, ten PS4s, shoes, socks, boxers," says X. "Then I'm going to go donate at least a hundred thousand to domestic abuse." He goes on to acknowledge that the court case has tarnished his name, but expresses a desire to "make up for it." 

Today, it appears X made good on his promise. Akademiks shared some images of X pulling outside a foster home, unloading a van filled with musical instruments, PS4s, toys, and more to different groups. No matter how you might feel about X, you have to respect this move, and hopefully the 17 rapper can continue down this road. After all, who doesn't love a good redemption story? Check out the images below, and stay tuned for X to address his busy day on his upcoming Vlog