The dust is still settling from when XXXTENTACION literally hit the stage, having been sucker punched during a performance of "Garrette's Revenge." In case you missed it, the attacker rushes in and delivers a heavy blow that sends the young rapper out of commission. To nobody's surprise, all hell breaks loose as security swarms the attacker, chants of "fuck Rob Stone" ring out, and general unrest pops off outside the venue. 

Many have speculated that Rob Stone was involved in some capacity, but as of now, the story is still developing. As for X, he spoke out about the attack on his social media pages:

Fox San Diego has also confirmed that there was a stabbing during the concert, and the victim was taken to the hospital. While Fox's article states the victim's condition as unknown, X references the stabbing in a series of since-deleted tweets and snaps:

Clearly, some serious tension is brewing here. Stabbings, beatings, threats...all over what, exactly? Maybe these artists need to sit down and have a group listening session to Eminem's "Like Toy Soldiers." While we ponder the brutal nature of life, check out some footage of a simmering riot outside the venue, as well as Drake himself doling out some shade at his fallen rival: