Next week, XXXTENTACION will have to head to court for his controversial domestic abuse trial that has been weighing on his career. In a recent report, it seems he and his lawyers are trying their hardest to get out of the case. 

XXXTENTACION and his attorney's have reportedly filed a document that says his ex-girlfriend, the pregnant woman who's the victim in the case, is not willing to stand on trial, according to TMZ. The documents they've obtained was reportedly signed by the ex-girlfriend and says that she's unwilling to cooperate with the prosecutors and wants the case removed. However, the Miami-Dade prosecutors have allegedly told the judge their doubtful that his ex-girlfriend actually signed off on the documents. In addition to that, they say even if she actually did, they're still ready to move forward with prosecution. The problem with that is without the victim willing to stand trial, it'll be much more difficult to convict him. Regardless, the D.A. seems adamant about moving forward with the case.

Aside from this, he recently announced that he'll be hosting an anti-rape event at Art Basel in Miami where victims could tell their stories and support others, according to the rapper. The event takes place on December 7-10th, which are the three days leading up to his trial, which takes place on the 11th.

X is currently facing charges of aggravated battery of a pregnant woman, domestic battery by strangulation, false imprisonment and witness tampering.